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Rudra Centre was founded in 1997 with three primary objectives:

  • We promote Rudraksha and its benefits worldwide by clearing up the mystery surrounding this divine bead. This is done by building awareness about the properties of Rudraksha bead with information gleaned from our ancient scriptures as well as through scientific research on Rudraksha.
  • We supply authentic and quality Rudraksha, Gems, Yantra and Hindu Puja items at reasonable prices to a global clientele
  • We conduct regular research and continue to enhance knowledge about our products so that the benefits may be available to all.

iso_certificateOur Centre organises exhibitions and holds workshops on Rudraksha and Ratna, unveiling our rare collection in India and abroad to popularise Rudraksha Ratna and bring it closer to the people. We are the first ISO certified Rudraksha organization in the world and first to glean information on Rudraksha through translation of the ancient Puranas and Upanishads into English. We are also the first to prepare the world famous combinations of Indra mala, Siddha mala and various power combinations as per Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST). We have accumulated more than 20,000 testimonials from satisfied clients worldwide, with a distribution network in 24 countries including the USA, UK, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Trinidad, Africa, France, Greece, Germany, Philippines, Ecuador, Indonesia, Belgium and Canada. In addition, we have 8 Rudraksha Ratna Therapy outlets across the world. We specialise in personally collecting the best quality Rudraksha of the season and converting them into beautiful wearable items. For this, we have a team of skilled artisans trained in thread, gold and silver work, who follow Rudraksha stringing instructions as detailed in our holy scriptures. All items are blessed and energised in our temple as prescribed by the holy books before being shipped to clients.

We at Rudra Centre started with the supply of Rudraksha beads and malas from Nepal, Indonesia and India and have since diversified into supplying Gemstones, Parad, Yantra and related holy items and meditation accessories for use in Prayer, Healing and Self-empowerment.

What keeps Us ahead in Rudraksha Ratna therapy is:

  • Guaranteed High quality, hand-picked beads from Nepal and Indonesia and untreated Gemstones.
  • In-house making of Rudraksha and jewellery designs in pure silver, gold and thread work by experienced artisans
  • First to translate ancient Puranas and Upanishads for information on Rudraksha
  • Built the first website on Rudraksha in the world (www.rudraksha-ratna.com) in the year 1997
  • Continual research on this ageless miracle bead and gemstones in collaboration with leading scientists & doctors from USA & India
  • Expert recommendations on treating specific problems, resulting in over 20,000 testimonials from clients till date
  • A Therapy with guaranteed results. Our unique Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy delivers quick results, sometimes within 3 days of wearing
  • Held more than 250 successful exhibitions (India and Abroad)
  • Success in treating clients suffering from health issues like joint/knee pains, asthma, cold, cough, blood pressure, headache/migraine problems and emotional issues of stress, depression and obsessive disorders
  • All Rudraksha beads and holy items are activated and energised through rituals prior to sending


The Brilliance behind RRST

Chief Executive Director

Neeta Singhal took over as Chief Executive Director of Rudra Centre in 2000 after her return from Indonesia, where she lived for ten years. Since then, she has helped people across the globe with her research on the correct usage of these holy items. She leads a busy life counselling people, speaking at seminars/conferences and her sessions have benefited CEOs, film stars and the masses in general.

  • She is considered by many as the epitome in the world of Counselling and Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy, with over 15 years research on Rudraksha and Gemstones and their influence on people.
  • She has been conducting Aura/Counselling programs that have benefitted thousands of people from all over the world and has expertise in selecting authentic and high-quality Rudraksha and natural Sattvic Gems from across the world.
  • After therapy, her clients have been empowered and have started living more happy and meaningful lives.
  • She believes that to get optimum results from Rudraksha and Gemstones, one has to select them with due diligence and wear in the right manner. Most people disregard this aspect of the correct usage of these powerful items, and hence, do not realise their full power.
  • In her 15 years research on Rudraksha beads and Nava Ratna, Neeta Singhal has identified how to tap the power of these miraculous items to achieve good health, wealth, success and completeness in all areas of life.
  • In her counselling sessions, she identifies your planetary, mental and emotional blocks and suggests remedies to overcome them in the shortest time in a practical manner.
  • With a Masters in Computers Science degree (MCA from Delhi University), she is aligned to ‘logical’ reasoning and is revered by thousands of followers in India and abroad.
  • Neeta Singhal was honoured with the Jyotisha Vaghdevi title by the International Astrological Association. She has been awarded for “Best Research in Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy” by Big Research Business and Service Excellence Awards in September 2012.

Consultant – Pundit Deenanath Sharma

Pundit Deenanath Sharma is a qualified Vaidya and degree holder in mercury sciences. With his vast knowledge and experience in alchemy, yantra design and energising rituals, he has helped Rudra Centre in creating unique and powerful products for the benefit of people worldwide.


Holistic Therapist

S. Vijaya Bharathyis currently a Sr. Holistic Therapist at Rudraksha Ratna, Chennai. She is a veteran psychologist, educationist and a trainer with an experience of 24 years in various capacities as Lecturer, Counsellor, Therapist and as a Resource Person. As a trainer, she has held many workshops and seminars for professionals on life skills such as communication skills, IPR, Leadership qualities, Goal setting, Strategic Planning, thereby enhancing their professional skills. Her beneficiaries are professionals, educationists, parents and corporate across the country.


Holistic Therapist

Dr. Goverdhanam Vani, Educational Qualifications: B.Sc., B.A.M.S., M.Sc.(Bio-tech), M.Sc. (Yoga), M.A.(Sanskrit), P.G.D.C.A.

Dr. Goverdhanam Vani has completed two Bachelor degrees, a Bachelor in Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery and another Bachelor in Science and three Master’s degrees: Masters in Biotechnology, Yogic Sciences and Sanskrit. In addition to this, she has 15 years’ experience in Ayurveda and 10 years in yogic treatments. Dr. Goverdhanam Vani is an expert counsellor and is fluent in Telugu, Hindi, English, Sanskrit and Kannada languages. She has rich experience in Panchakarma Therapy in Ayurveda and has conducted many Ayurvedic and Yoga health camps in Bangalore and Hyderabad. She has also conducted courses in Nutritional Management of Diabetes, Yoga for improving I.Q. levels in Children, Yoga for reducing Obesity and Stress Management in Bangalore and Hyderabad.

She has presented papers on Panchakarma Therapy in Ayurveda, Shat Kriya cleansing processes in Yoga, Sinusitis, Infertility, Diabetes, Ulcerative colitis, Ancient Life extension Processes in National and International Conferences. Dr. Goverdhanam Vani has immense knowledge of counselling, identifying root causes and providing research-oriented solutions through Holistic methods. In her long career, she has worked with I.T. professionals, housewives, school and college students and their parents.


Holistic Therapist

Dr. Mrinalini Kumari M.Sc., Ph. D,PG Dip in Yoga Ed, NDDY

She is the senior Holistic Therapist at Bangalore centre. A holistic expert and counsellor with a Ph.D in pre-natal Yoga, Dr. Mrinalini’s educational expertise extends to yoga science, psychology, naturopathy, Ayurveda and chakra analysis.

Apart from her doctorate, she has an M.Sc. in Applied Yogic Science and a PG Diploma in Yoga Education from Bihar Yoga Bharati, Munger – the first Yoga university in the world, and has had over 11 years’ experience as a consultant in Lifestyle, Diet, Yoga, Alternative Medicine, counsellor, healer and therapist.

Dr Mrinalini has also conducted stress management courses in various corporate organisations and educational institutions. She is deeply interested in open research problems in holistic health and wellness science.

Rudra Centre Team

Rudra Centre’s diverse team of employees works in unison to further the company’s vision and mission in providing quick and impeccable customer service. Different departments such as the Client Coordination team, Artisans, Packaging and Handling, Dispatch, Web Design and Development, SEO and Content Creation, Accounts are equally committed to providing the best quality work and service for our clients.


img Neeta Singhal being awarded by Srishti News in July 2013 for her Outstanding Research and work in the field of Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy.

img Neeta Singhal being honoured with – “Jyotish Shiromani Award” by the All India Business Development Association

imgNeeta Singhal receiving an award for “Best Research in Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy” from Cricketer K Srikkanth.

img Neeta Singhal being honoured at the Agarwal Sewa Samaj Annual celebration as Honorary dignitary for her Rudraksha Ratna Therapy.

img Neeta Singhal being honoured with the Jyotisha Vaghdevi title by the International Astrological Association.

img Guru Om Swami visits Rudra Centre.

img Wilbur Glen Colaco, motivational coach from Australia, visits Rudra Centre

img Rishi Hans from Goodluck stores, USA, with Neeta Singhal

img Canadian Partner Mr. Gopinathan visits Rudra Centre

img Pervin Clasper from Hongkong, Shakti Healing Circle with Neeta Singhal

img Neeta Singhal along with Krishnamachari Srikkanth, Former Captain of Indian Cricket Team

Namaste! Rudra Centre is today a Global supplier of Rudraksha, Gemstones, Yantras and Hindu Puja items all across the world. We advocate evolution in consciousness to achieve material and spiritual success. We thus bring these sacred items with usage as per ancient wisdom so that you derive full benefits. Shop with us knowing that all items are selected with love and care and due diligence.

For queries, please email to us at contact@rudracentre.com.

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